Global Equity Strategies - NRG Lux Capital

In 2010, Atconsulting launched Global Equity Strategies (Geslux), its first worldwide oriented securization vehicle, which among others, invests into the following sectors: Tech & Telecom, Retail & Consumer, Media, Commodities/Renewable Energy, Financial & Business Services. Geslux commits capital on behalf of a diverse range of investors (both individuals and corporations) and buys majority and minority stakes in small/medium companies that have strong potentials to expand and to grow in Europe mainly.

In 2016, with the objective to extend its financial investments and spread its client base, the Group has created a second securitization vehicle named NRG Lux Capital

Thanks to excellent management teams, both Geslux and NRG Lux Capital back companies to create efficient and sustainable businesses that have a strong track record of growing by investing in research and development, exports, sales and employment.