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Atconsulting, a fully independent consulting company based in Luxembourg, provides consultancy services and “tailor made” solutions to entrepreneurs, professionals, advisors, banks and financial institutions in general.

Atconsulting founders and providers are experienced pro with a proven track record of both knowledge and experience supporting high net worth individuals, corporations and intermediaries worldwide.

As an agreed trust company subject to the supervision of the local competent authority ("Ordre des experts comptable”), we are domiciliary agent and provide “in house” general corporation services to all kind of local regulated and unregulated tax compliant vehicle throughout their entire lifetime, from set-up to liquidation and wind-up. In addition, we avail ourselves of the support of experienced and sound reputation local law firms to handle the structuring and the management of regulated entities such as Alternative Investmenst funds and UCITS and assist our clients in the process of listing securities on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, if required.